Audios This Year


The Economic Reset Has Happened
Sunday Sermon: Have No Fear
The Invisible Enemy
Black Swan: The Global Reset is Coming
Dr. Fauci – Global Death Lord
The Identity of M
Q is Running a Global False Flag
Patriots Win the American Revoltion
Betsy and Thomas Catch a Few Swamp Gators
Citizens Gear Up for Grand Juries


Her Royal Bioweapon Exposed
Dissidents attack America from inside
The dissidents must be removed. The Republic must be restored.
U.S. government steals patents from inventors
Betsy and Thomas are exhausted with all the winning
Citizen Grand Juries Empower We the People
Q is for the Queen's Qinetiq
Trump Rallies Revive Americans
Smell of Swamp: Bill Barr Lets Andrew McCabe Skate
Tweets Heard Around the World
Citizens Take Legal Action Against the Swamp
Who gave DARPA authority to release coronavirus?
What you need to know about the flu season and pandemics
We have a FINAL SOLUTION for that


Winning the Trumpian Way
Lev Parnas Propaganda Alert
Winning for World Peace
Day Two – Senate Impeachment Trial - Betsy and Thomas Discuss
Impeachment is a bust for the Globalists
The State of Impeachment - Betsy & Thomas
Impeach John Roberts or the Republic is Toast
You Will Be Completely Controlled. You Are Wetware
Guber Huber and fake news
Trump takes out radical Islamic terrorism
Iran is Enemy #1 - Betsy and Thomas