This site provides an archive of the American Intelligence Media’s audio output sourced from their Youtube/Vimeo channels and their blog.

This website is not affiliated with AIM and visitors are directed to the AIM website for canonical content, further information about their shows and opportunities for contact.

New AIM audios are typically added to this site within a few days although this can sometimes take longer. This AIM4Truth page is updated immediately when new content is available and should be checked for fresh content, not this site.

Known Omissions

  • Duplicate content (eg videos posted on Vimeo which were previously posted on YouTube; they are already in the archive).

  • Audios covering ‘esoteric’ topics prior to 2019 due to an editorial decision we subsequently reversed; now all unique content from the AIM website is added to the archive. The Gospel of Sophia channel has not and will not feature in the archive.

  • Archive contains all early videos YouTube deleted, such as Will Mandalay False Flag Lead to Gun Grab?


Audio Information

Audios from Youtube videos are AAC audio in an MP4 container; these are pulled straight from Youtube’s servers. They tend to be quite large and are named after the the Video ID.

Audios from Vimeo are 192kbps mp3 files with embedded ID3 tags with date, title, artist, etc. These are named after the Video ID.

Audios from the Aim4Truth website tend to be 128kbps mp3 files.