2017 Audios


Jeff Sessions is Knee Deep in Alligators
Freedom Trackers for 'Free Range' Criminals
Beware the Pirates of Vanguard
Trump is on Fire !!!
Defeating the New World Order
Andrew McCabe Plans His Future
Air Mossad takes off from Atlanta
The Dossier is Explained
Trumped by an Executive Order
Eric Schmidt Steps Down as CEO
Nothing Can Stop the Trump Train
Mueller is BURNT Toast
Mueller is Toast
Michael Horowitz Exposed
Mueller Fails
Sophia and the Future of AI
NBC and Megyn Kelly Push More Fake News
Beware of Corrupt Patent Attorneys
Dethrone the Boy Kings of Silicon Valley
What is going on at the FBI
Muellers Closet is Full of Them
It is getting ready to hit the fan
Tech Warlords Rigged US Elections
Defending the Republic. Destroying Globalism
FANG Lies and Corruption Exposed
Tyrants of Facebook, Google, Amazon, PayPal Exposed
Who created Bitcoin?
Mueller Finds No Russia Meddling
Net Neutrality REMASTERED
Net Neutrality is NOT Neutral
Cyber White Hats Saved the Election
Ever wonder about Bitcoin's software?
Jeff Bezos Exposed


Real Russian Meddling in the Election
Leader Technologies Cyberwar Solution
Military Cyber Warfighting
Zuckerberg’s Theft of Social Media
The Evil Tech-Cartel: Weaponizing Social Media
Unmasking Qs Identity
Trillion Dollar Rip-Off: Social Networking is a Stolen Trade Secret
Who is Q?
The Big Lie
It's a Total Psyop Operation
Uranium One Nuclear Con Game
Trump Trumps Terrorism
Donna is Done
Uranium One is a Hoax
Nibiru Has Come and Gone


Hillary Russia Collusion
Uranium One is a Barack Obama Problem
They are all going down
Hillary's documented fraud is treason
Bush and the Murder of JFK
Muellers Evil Revealed
In the Heart of the Swamp is a Den of Thieves
Patent Theft Steals From All Americans
Jackpot The House Always Wins
Will Mandalay False Flag Lead to Gun Grab
Equifax Fraud Intended to Put You in a Cyber Credit Box
Will the Lies Ever Stop?!


Bannon meets with 'Yoda' and Kissinger
What can you trust in a world of evil?
The Truth About China Gold
Unconstitutional DACA
Diabolical Secrets of the Far Left
Paul Manafort: Mueller Scapegoat
Information warfare is being waged against you
911 Perpetrators Revealed
Uncovering the lies, falsehoods, and obfuscations in the DC swamp
Betsy and Thomas Share Some Hope
James Comey No Friend of Law and Order in America
Liberty and Conscience Vs Institutional Left
The Felix Sater -Russia - James Comey Connection


2017 Eclipse Reveals Trump as Phoenix Rising from Fire