2018 Audios


How the Brits tried to overthrow President Trump
Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth's secret plan to take over the world
The Fed and IRS must be ABOLISHED
Trump all alone in the White House on Christmas Eve
Weed, PEACE, and a free Tibet
Christmas present for AIM cats
Facebook and Tavistock - British Unholy Alliance Out to Destroy Humanity
SES Plan to Destroy America REVEALED
Trump calls out Leakin' Lyin' James Comey
Citizens demand the end of the Federal Reserve - AIM CATS
The FAANGS are coming down! AIM CATS
Trump: "This is not a funeral, it is a celebration."
Trump: Cohen should get full and complete sentence
Has your mortgage been stolen right under your nose?
AIM cats say good-bye to George H. W. Bush


Trump: "Where is the IG Report?"
Trump: When do the trials for treason begin?
General Motors Disses America plus Mueller Continues the Witch Hunt
Mueller busted for crimes and conflicts
George Soros is getting redpilled
SCOTUS Roberts stands AGAINST Americans
Trump brings attention to Osama Bin Laden
Time to break out of Hillary's Prison Planet
Eyewitness barely makes it out alive in California fire storm
Catholic Cardinals are Enemies of America
Christopher Strunk outs Kirstjen Nielsen
Hillary's election rigging mechanism revealed
Trump tweets "Dems are causing stock market big headaches"
Trump calls for new election? Whoa this is huge.
How Cloudflare and Joe Sullivan are rigging FLORIDA elections
Secret Service calls Strunk for a meeting
Foreign election rigging steals votes for GLOBALISTS
Foreign election meddling - HAPPENING NOW
AIM Cats are Shocked at the Corruption Levels
WRIT OF MANDAMUS Update with Christopher Strunk
Calling on 'Network Engineer Patriots' to Election Cyber Stations
Alien Invasion of America by Globalist Attorneys and Judges
AIM Cats go to SCOTUS on behalf of the PEOPLE


The People put the Supreme Court on notice
Will Hillary be absorbed into the China collective?
AIM cats demand fair and honest elections
CITIZENS DEMAND - No more election rigging, meddling, and/or interference
Citizens launch their own OCTOBER SURPRISE
GLOBALISTS are losing - AIM cats winning big
The Globalists are Losing the War - MAGA is WINNING
AIM cats find another British swamp rat - YUCK!
Mexican and British invasions threaten America
Trump watching carefully for voter fraud
Taking down the FBI in our pajamas
What happens after the MAGA midterms?
Trump could end it all in a BLINK
GRAB THE POPCORN! It's showtime in the swamp
5G can end humanity as we know it
The BEAST is here. What is your SM number?
Gabriel and McKibben Deep in Conclave Research
Trump asks: "Where is Jeff Sessions?"
Collapse of the Federal Reserve has started
The swamp is hanging by a thread
Weather Terrorism Obliterates MAGA Panhandle
The Web of Corporate Oligarchy Ensnares Them
These MAGA cats are ready for action
China is our enemy. We are at war.
Jim Jordan Pulls the Plug on the Swamp
Kavanaugh Vote Rallies the Base
Trumpsters, are you tired of winning yet?
Google Poised to Grab IT All
Berners-Lee and the Fake New Web


Trump tweets some bad boys
We are at war with China
The Senate Judiciary Circus is in Town
Rosenstein, Netanyahu, and China -Everything you want to know
The United Nations' Party is Over
The Brits did It...with help from Senior Executive Service
The Swamp Rats are Cornered
Are you lost in space with NASA, satellites and UFOs?
Kitty is back for the Trump show
Hillary's PRISON PLANET Unlocked
Massive Government Corruption Revelations Will Trump the Swamp
Trump Outplays the Swamp
Trump's September Surprise is a Doozy
Trump Tweets - Never forget September 11
No Collusion. Mueller Fails.
Hillary controls the FBI...literally.
Kitties want to know about treason
Will Canada and the Queen have the last laugh?
Trump Tweets Treason and Kavanaugh Explains Military Tribunals
Truth omelet with a side of verification
Canada Caught Red Handed


SES Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook Chief Operations Witch
Trump puts them in the DOGHOUSE
Brett Kavanaugh and SES Operatives Exposed
Hillary Emails Hacked by China
Google is suppressing Conservative voices
October surprises for the enemy
Trump Demands that Jeff Sessions Does His Job
It’s a Total Knock Out for Trump
Manafort, Cohen, and the Witch Hunt
Fake News and the Witch Hunt
Censorship is very dangerous
World Peace Will Come...once this flock flies away
Dianne Feinstein Behind Foreign Interference in U S Elections
Crazy animals and lowlife dogs
Sessions is scared stiff and MIA
Will the FBI recover its reputation?
Trump meets with Tim Cook from Apple
WOW - Things are moving fast
He is HUGE and we aren't ignoring him!
Trump and Jordan Rock the Crowds in Ohio
More globalist election rigging systems exposed
Evil People in Washington
Russia Collusion Total Hoax


Mueller RIGGED Witch Hunt is an Illegal Scam
The winning is so great - keep it up POTUS
Ban all electronic voting machines NOW
Coach ‘T’ Tweets that Team America is Doing Great
POTUS calls out Mueller Witch Hunt and the Obama Gang
Rats and Rodenstein Fill the Swamp
Donald Trump is Today's Highlander MacLeod
Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections
POTUS was tired - that's all folks
Trump puts Media into a Spin Zone of Crazy
World Peace is Happening!!!
POTUS meets Putin in Helskini
Twelve Russian Hackers But No DNC Server
Having fun. Wish you were here.
Cheesecake and Covfefe with the Conclave
Great success at NATO
How Michael McKibben Brought Down the Iron Curtain Through Music
Did the Queen meddle in the U S elections?
Will this be the end of NATO?
Jim Jordan is an American Patriot
Brett Kavanaugh is SES and so is his wife
Call for election integrity NOW
Troller-In-Chief Dominates Twitter
It's a Democrat Con Job!
Trump Tweets Brave Heroes of ICE and Border Control
Imran Awan's Sweet Plea Deal
New Tweets Have Arrived


Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Around the World
Dragon Energy Too Hot to Handle
Strong Borders - No Crime - Big Wins!
The Zodiac Motivation
Harley-Davidson Says Goodbye America
Peter Strzok and Hating Frauds of the FBI and DOJ
Zodiac Killer Named
Obama Spied on Trump
Mexico will love the wall, too!
FLOTUS Goes to the Border and Mitt Romney Needs to Go Away
Full House is a Strong Hand to Play
The SES Star Chamber
Trumped by the Master
New Alliance of Nations is in the Making
More Trump Tweets Decoded
Kool-aid and Trump Tweets
Great lovers Strzok and Page Outed by Trump Tweets
Trump Tweets Bust Senior Executive Operatives
Horowitz Protects the Swamp
Trump is Back Home After Huge Wins
Peace is the Prize
Trump Tweets from Singapore
Cat got your tongue..or is it Big Brother?
Europe Union to silence its Subjects
House of Lies
Trump Tweets Target Macron and Trudeau
Trump's DIET Plan for the Swamp
Trump fires a tweetstorm today
It's a Tweetstorm!
Overthrow of America by Geoffrey Pattie
Grab your decoder rings
T Decodes Expose the Queen
Stormtrooper tactics and the special council
No friend of America
Rescue Julian Assange
The Shift has begun. Can you feel it?
Here come the June tweets


Spies, Informants, and Double Standards
Valerie Jarrett and Roseanne Barr
T Deserves Some Answers
Trumps Tweets About 13 Angry Democrats
Trump Tweets Continue to Storm
Decoding the Trump Tweets
T is for Truth
Trump Wars are Star Wars
The War Against the Deep State Has Begun
All Roads Lead to the Queen
T-Clearance Tweet Drops
Forget Q. That's history. Meet T.
Moles Unplug Hole in the Swamp
Global surveillance unmasked
Eye of the Storm Passes Over- Second Storm Approaches
SES and Serco plan to control the world
SHOCKING Global Control System Exposed
Treason has consequences
Colliding Ideologies and No Solutions
The People Have Weaponized Truth
They're up the swamp without a paddle
Requiem for America's favorite psyop
Three judges outed as swamp skunks
Mueller is Losing to Trump
Q is whoever you are
They have been lying to us
Stolen from Americans
Tips for surviving GMOs and 5G
Who owns the Golden Share and why does it matter?
Mueller v Trump
Prevent election fraud
Patent Theft Destroys American Innovation and Lives
Serco Runs the World


Netanyahu Spies Steal Iranian Nuclear Cache
Lynch Protects the Swamp
Americans didn't win their Revolutionary War
Is 5G making you fat?
Nunes Final Report Gets a Reality Check
Trump Plays the Great Game
Send the vampires back home to the Queen
Mueller and the Swamp Toads
Gravy train USAID - OPIC
Sins of omission
They rule the planet
The Crown Agents Exposed
Stable Genius at Work
Thomas discusses Syria
Back in the Swamp
Syrian Lies and Propaganda
The Swamp is Disturbed
SES is Dead Claims Field McConnell
Getting to Know SERCO
Kitty Drains the Swamp and Catches Rats
Douglas Gabriel Reveals All
#QAnon w/ Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media
SES: The Vermin Among Us
Facebook Commits Crimes Against the State
Too cute
SES Stinks like Sewage
SES Awareness Month


Proof: Sessions is Corrupt
Jeff Sessions Must Go
Conned by a Sophisticated Psyop
Q Analysis 973 981
Infowars and the Second American Revolution
QPost 965 - 970 Analysis
QPost 964 Analysis
Lets be friends
Kitty likes sunshine
Kitties love to hide
Q Wars
Facebook Sells YOU to Make Money
Alternative Media Wars Are Raging
Q Exposed as Psyop
Trump's new cabinet
SES rats on the run
Guccifer 2 Unmasked-Revealed-Exposed
Who will have the last laugh?
SeS Governing Council 500 Exposed
The American SS Exposed
Leviathan of the D.C. Swamp
Christopher Steele Enemy of the U S
Swamp Scum Stinks
Shadow Government is Collapsing
McCabe Fired. TREASON next.
Turn off Their Revenue Stream
The Untouchables
Felix Sater- Who's Your Daddy?
Betsy and Thomas talk about puppies, China, and Ormus
Mueller's Big Scam
Big Scam Mueller
The litter box is full
Kitty Shows Her Claws


We like puppies, too, Betsy and Thomas
Where is Tom Cat - Betsy Asks
Betsy and Thomas Talk Kitties
Patriots - Around the World - Join Us
The Timeline of Evil
Wetware Turns Humans into Technology
We are in good hands.
They have their own court system
Something that YOU can do to restore the rule of law
America's Ministry of Truth - the Global Engagement Center
28 Counts of Treason
Russian Conspiracy Theorists Say.....
Entrepreneurs Screwed
Energy Frequency Vibration Part TWO
Energy Frequency and Vibration Part ONE
Fascism and Corporatism
New Sheriff in Town
Fake News Alert
Military Tribunals - The Time Has Come
Surviving New Technologies
Comey's Conspiracy to Overthrow the President of the United States
Comey Has Spies Galore
More on the Memo
Shungite, C60, Buckyballs, Ormus, and Superconnectivity
Now….let us tell you what was NOT in the memo.
Prepare to Get Freaked Out: Wetware, 5G Radiation Death, Panopticon Surveillance and Sex Trafficking


Eric Schmidt Global Tech Lord
Dragnet in the Swamp
Illegal Alien Invasion Update
Alien Invasion in America
Chaos in the Swamp
Is Trump Deep State
FISAGATE and Role of Michael Horowitz
You Will Be Completely Controlled — You Are Wetware — Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You
Release the Memo
Vatican Refugee Program Exposed
Meet Big Brother
Activate Q Force
The Wall is Under Construction
FISA 702
How Hillary Crashes Cars and Planes
Think you know what's inside your computer?
Obamas SES Army Found
Sessions Dilly Dallies as Trump Takes Care of Business