2019 Audios


The Mechanisms of Control [Audio only version]
Citizens file TREASON REPORT
The Swamp is filled with SES enemies of America
Whose law in America reigns supreme?
The swamp is infested with crime - Betsy & Thomas
Rudy Giuliani: Locked and Loaded
Friday the 13th and the Dark Secrets of the Vatican
AIM Cats Love Rat Swamp Soup
How Americans can restore the rule of law
He protected the swamp - Just as we told you he would
Revealing the New 'Cecil Rhodes' of Our Time
If Pelosi doesn't move quickly, it will collapse
International Crisis Group and the Globalists


Are patriots in a Trump cult?
Wetware Turns Humans into Sub-Humans
We were punked by fake news
The Miller Act Notice is a HUGE pitchfork against the Globalists
Mike and Doug Show: Highlighting Fiona Hill
Important Message from Michael McKibben
5G is Genocide
SHOWDOWN!! Patriots v Globalists
Questions worth asking! Betsy & Thomas
Blood, Cannabis, and Meteorites- Betsy and Thomas Infotoons
The Romneys are the Elephants in the Room
Pocahontas announces her MEME TEAM
Patriots are winning on all fronts
DemonRats and Globalists Rig Elections


Deadly combination will end humanity if PATRIOTS don't wake up
What Patriots need to know about the Frankfurt School
Douglas Gabriel interviews drug enforcement INSIDER
Patriots take action to win the Second American Revolution
Douglas Gabriel gets out of the weeds, into the stars
Are meteorites smoking weed? THC found on space rocks?
Betsy and Thomas update AIM Patriots
Hang 'em high in 2020
So much winning! Patriots say DON'T STOP, Mr. President!
Propaganda is Evil - Betsy and Thomas
Mike and Doug Show: The Big Ugly
Trump slams the globalists flat to the mat
Betsy and Thomas Discuss Current Topics
Trump Defeats China
Who controls the Queen? SHOCKING NEW HISTORY!


Breaking News: Ukraine Impeachment Source Revealed
Ronna Romney opens a can of worms
Hundred years of fake news
George Soros Rigs Elections Worldwide
Prepare for MASSIVE election rigging in 2020
Elites know the power of blood...do you?
Patriots STOP Election Rigging
British and American media weaponized by the Pilgrims Society
The Origins of Fake News
U. S. National Security Council is a Joke
Comey Lies and British Spies
Comey-Iran-China - All Roads Lead to London


British Lies and British Spies
Calling World Revolution for Planetary Freedom!
It Was An Overthrow By The Brits
Patrick Byrne Gets Redpilled by a Russian Spy
Bitcoin Busted for Fraud
BTC Founder Losses $10 Billion BTC
British-Hong Kong Propaganda Busted
Satoshi Nakamoto Dossier Reveals CIA Ponzi Scheme
Grayzone Spews Chinese Propaganda about Uighers
Google Whistleblower Propaganda - Exposed
Hillary is a Chinese Agent
ROBOT WARRIORS at your door - What will you do?
Douglas Gabriel - Warlord Bankers and the Federal Reserve
A RAT exits the world stage
Dear Mr. President: A letter from patriots everywhere
John F. Kennedy warned us. Will we take heed?
Hidden History of the Grail Queens Revealed
AIM Cats are Curious Little Kitties
Horowitz pulls a fast one
Time to Play the Trump Card to Save the World


Ugly Truth About British Israeli Zionism
Trump can be President beyond 2024
Trump George Washington the Highlander Revealed
Ahriman Exposed Evil AI and Destruction of Human Thinking
Highlands Group vs Trump the Scot
Betsy and Thomas watch the rats jump off the cliff
Gabriel & McKibben on the Mueller Testimony
Mueller's Treasonous Testimony
Eulogy for Joseph Mifsud
Kamala Harris, slavery, and open borders
Shocking News about Salem Media and the CIA
Extinction Level Event for Democrat Party
Kamala Harris - More Skeletons in the Closet
The FBI Flying Brothel
The World is Run by British Nazis
Trump calls out Fake Fox News
Former Lover Exposes Eric Schmidt
Trump WINS Democrat Debates


Was this THE 11:11 Gateway today?
Socialist Media TRUMPED by Big Daddy
Trump is chillin' at Camp David
Trumping socialist media with special key code
Zagami and Gabriel Expose Vatican Evil
New modalities in vibrational healing
Comey-Clinton Cover-up Exposed
Horowitz Report is a Bust
Facebook Herds Humanity into Cyber Prison
Facebook Insider CONFESSES ALL
Will they go to prison for racketeering?
Trump crushes globalism. What's next?


Revealed: Most useful product in 20,000 years
Douglas Gabriel and Christopher Strunk - HARVESTED
Mueller's REGIME CHANGE failed
Privy Council Controls America
Cannabis and the Secret of Enlightenment
Unmasking the Five Eyes Beast
Assassination Cover-Up Exposed
How the British Crown Tried to Overthrow Donald Trump
Treason, Espionage, and Bill Barr
Trump is out-maneuvering the swamp
Queen's agent Arvinder Sambei orchestrates overthrow of Trump
U S Citizen Intelligence Releases the Treason Report
Spying 'n lying will be their demise
Trump takes on the propagandists
Trump - I will declassify!
Eulogy to the Witch Hunt


Mueller Hides Key Evidence - HUGE FINDINGS!!!
Glorious sucking sound is the swamp
American Warlord - James P. Chandler III - EXPOSED
Trump tweets about UK Intelligence
Trump moves quietly behind the scenes
Trump is Mr. Clean. Mueller is filthy dirty.
Mueller Releases the Ca-Ca Dossier
The Mueller Dossier is a 'cover up' for the DC criminals
Globalist warlord DEAD. Big win for patriots.
5G alters the DNA future of all living species
Catholic Orgy Shocking Details at Highest Levels
Trump advocates 5G nightmare on humanity
Will Assange be safe in a British prison?
Gold DOUBLED in price for the central banks
Victoria Nuland is one bad a** swamp gator
Trump said it. Coup. Treason.
Educating George Papadopoulos
God or mammon? You can't serve both
Time to end the Federal Reserve and British Warlord Bankers
Britishgate and the Privy Council EXPOSED
Venetian Takeover of British Banking


Trump and Patriots Keep Winning!!! AIM CATS CELEBRATE
Warlord Bankers and the Federal Reserve
Shhhhh....Trump has a secret
Mystery of Seven and the Nature of Reality
Taking AIM at the real Russian spies
No Collusion No Obstruction
Decoding the 'Golan Heights" Trump Tweet
Espionage for Dinner. Treason for Dessert
These Trump tweets are heavenly
Trump knocks Mueller out of the ring
Baby Harvesting is NOW the Government's Right
WOWZER: All roads lead to London or Rome
Pelosi is a washed-up has-been old-time Demonrat
Astounding swamp corruption beyond imagination
High Treason in the Swamp
BRITISH spy mission to OVERTHROW Trump FAILS
Trump calls Dems shameful people


Why did Michael Cohen betray Trump?
Why is Hillary still walking around?
Patriots help POTUS clean the swamp
Is Salem Media Controlled Opposition?
Are you spinning in a limited hangout?
Harry Potter and Tavistock Brainwashing
The Mystery of Blood Revealed
Gabriel and McKibben telling truth again
Trump plans a SALUTE to America
Gateway Pundit is PUNK NEWS
Trump supports mass sterilization of Americans through 5G
Michael McKibben EXPOSES the swamp
Amy Berman Jackson is a Mueller Protege
Citizens Demand Comey's Arrest for Treason!!
Comey's treason is historic!
Citizens Charge James Comey with 28 Counts of Treason (1-8)
The Wall is being FINISHED
No Russia Collusion. Senate finds ZILCH
Nazi Human Medical Experiments in America
Trump is building a YUGE wall!
Trump is winning in the swamp
Manifesto for human thinking- audio version
We've nailed Hillary and Mueller in the act!! UNBELIEVEABLE.
Manifesto to save human thinking
Nancy Pelosi's Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State
U.S. Intelligence Community is a farce
The Democrat Party is DEAD
No one goes to jail in the swamp because it is legal to lie


Trump leads the global patriot movement! Triumphant!
New Wikileaks Exposes Vatican, Knights of Malta, Jesuits
We CAN stop ALL war. It isn't difficult.
Hillary's INSIDER on Mueller Witch Hunt
Are your EYES wide open? AIM Cats see truth.
Trump cats are very smart!!
The Witch Hunt is a Propaganda Psyop
Build the wall. Watch Nancy fall!!!
Fake History is DEADLY to all of us on the planet
Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt
Inside Sources LEAK Mueller Report!!! HUGE
Trump Tweets reveal a HUGE secret
Mainstream media is the ENEMY says Trump
Trump says its a GREAT DAY for our Country
The biggest lies of history REVEALED by Gabriel and McKibben
Trump calls out the FBI spying operation AIM cats
Schumer-Pelosi Hostage Crisis Day 24
Trump is tweet-slamming the SWAMP RATS (with AIM Cats)
British Use Psychological Warfare to Control the World
Are you a PATRIOT for your nation? Stand with U.S. in defeating globalism!
Trump is WINNING Yugely for All Americans
Pelosi puts GLOBALIST INVADERS first, Americans LAST
100 Years of British Propaganda and War is ENOUGH!!
Does Trump know that the Queen is spying on all of us?